MOLTEN LAVA CAKE Bittersweet chocolate cake filled with a soft truffle center that becomes molten when warmed. ID2025 box of 24 Individual Desserts INDIVIDUAL FLOURLESS Flourless dark chocolate cake infused with orange essence, dusted with cocoa. ID1080 box of 24 VANILLA BEAN PANNACOTTA Traditional creamy Italian style custard infused with vanilla bean. PC1020 NGR INDIVIDUAL STRAWBERRY AND CREAM Homemade strawberry compote and whipped cream atop a base of light vanilla cake and vanilla pastry cream. ID1054 box of 24 N INDIVIDUAL MACAROON CHEESECAKE Our famous NY style cheesecake with a hint of lemon on a coconut macaroon crust. CH2007 box of 24 NGR LEMON MERINGUE Vanilla cake layered with lemon curd, lemon mousse and lightly toasted meringue. ID1056 box of 24 KEY LIME AND CREAM Graham cracker cake layered with tart key lime mousse, whipped cream rosettes and toasted coconut. ID1053 box of 24 N INDIVIDUAL CREAM PUFF Profiterole filled with raspberry compote and lightly sweetened whipped cream. MP5085 box of 24 NGR APPLE GALETTE Spiced apples naturally sweetened with apple juice, baked in flaky pie crust. ID1025 4 | I N D I V I D U A L D E S S E R T S PA S T R YA R T. C O M 5 0 8 . 6 6 0 . 5 8 0 5