Chocolate Trio SG1070 box of 60 Tiramisu SG1010 box of 60 Boston Cream SG1020 box of 60 Strawberries & Cream SG1050 box of 60 Creme Caramel SG1060 box of 60 CERAMIC CREME BRULEE CUPS Demitasse cups filled with creamy custard, ready to serve, torch or garnish. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, or Custom Flavors. Save the cups and reuse! May also be returned for deposit refund. ID1505 Chocolate ID1504 Vanilla ID1512 Custom Sold by the dozen. ASSORTMENT OF SHOT GLASSES READY TO SERVE A LA CARTE/CUSTOM SHOT GLASSES CREME BRULEE CUPS SPRING FLAVOR SHOTS Spring assortment of dessert shots featuring Chocolate Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade and Key Lime. SG1099 box of 60 5 0 8 . 6 6 0 . 5 8 0 5 PA S T R YA R T. C O M M I N I D E S S E R T S | 2 5 CLASSIC FLAVOR SHOTS Classic assortment of dessert shots featuring Boston Cream, Chocolate Trio and Strawberries and Cream. SG1080 box of 60 NGR NGR NGR Mini Desserts NGR