5 0 8 . 6 6 0 . 5 8 0 5 PA S T R YA R T. C O M C H E E S E C A K E S | 1 1 MINI CHEESECAKE Our classic NY Cheesecake in mini size. Available plain or topped with fruit com- pote. MP5009 Plain MP5042 Assorted Fruit Topped box of 60 INDIVIDUAL CHEESECAKES Our famous NY style cheesecake, with a hint of lemon and graham cracker crust. CH2001 Box of 24 INDIVIDUAL MACAROON CHEESECAKE Our famous NY style cheesecake on a coconut macaroon crust. CH2007 box of 24 NGR VIP MINI CHEESECAKE COLLECTION A sophisticated collection of two-bite cheesecakes, including vanilla bean, marble, salted caramel, blueberry swirl, chocolate and raspberry. MP5046 box of 48 Cheesecake N