Mini Pastry Collections BANQUET COLLECTION Designed for high quality with an affordable price, including Mini Lemon Tart, Mini Chocolate Eclair, Mini Choco- late Mousse Swirl, Mini Triple Chocolate Cake, Mini Apple Crumb Tart. MP2026 sold by the dozen CLASSIC FRENCH COLLECTION Collection of classic French mini pastries, including Mini Paris Brest, Mini Chocolate Mousse Swirl, Mini Napoleon, Mini Pecan Tart, Mini Chocolate Eclair, Mini Fresh Fruit Tart, Mini Lemon Tart, Mini Chocolate Raspberry Cake. MP2020 sold by the dozen N Take the hassle out of picking and choosing and allow our chefs to create a tasty sampling of mini pastries for your event. Our mini pastry collections range from familiar pieces in our Classic French Collection to intricately decorated pieces with bold flavors in our VIP Chocolate Collection. No matter which collection you choose, your guests will surely be impressed. VIP MINI TART COLLECTION A sophisticated collection of two-bite tarts includ- ing chocolate praline, almond caramel, pear chocolate, vanilla apple and lemon. MP5049 Box of 36 N NEW 1 8 | M I N I PA S T R Y C O L L E C T I O N S PA S T R YA R T. C O M 5 0 8 . 6 6 0 . 5 8 0 5